Eric Church Says He Would “Take the Vaccine in the Eyeball” to Go Back Onstage

Eric Church is getting ready to take the big stage on Sunday at Super Bowl LV to sing the National Anthem with soul star Jazmine Sullivan but he told the The L.A. Times” that he’d take the vaccine in the eyeball if it would get him back on stage in front of fans again.

 “I wish we were in a place right now where we could use concerts to vaccinate people.  [Everyone] just wants out.  Somebody asked me if I’d take the vaccine.  I said I’d take it in the eyeball to go strap on a guitar.”

He booked some festival shows for later this year, and his fingers are crossed about that.  Quote, “I didn’t feel as hopeful late last year but I like where we’re heading.  I think 2021’s gonna be a redemption year and 2022’s gonna be the [S-word.]”

One last thing.  You can add Eric to the list of artists who kept paying their people.  Quote, “I’ve been able to keep all my band and crew and all my guys . . . we’ve not even cut salaries, and I’m proud of that.



“It’s been an incredibly strange and trying time, and I know I’ve got it a lot better than most people.  But I’m hopeful.”