Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Release New Duet “Chasing After You” {LISTEN}

Husband and wife Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd have teamed up on their first duet together.

Ryan told “CBS This Morning, “We’ve written a lot of songs together and for each other. But this is kind of the first time we’ve stepped out in this way.”

The couple said that the song brings back memories of when they first started dating.

Maren said, “It really reminded me of Ryan and my story, getting together, when we first met.”

They released an accompanying romantic music video for the new song.

According to CMT, Maren also revealed that she is about to start recording her third album, “Ryan and I are about to go on a big, writing, recording trip together. I’ve never gotten away to write — this is the first time we’re going away and trying to do something creative, but we’re bringing our baby with us, and that’s kind of it.”