It is So Cold in Texas that Aquariums Inside Homes are Beginning to Freeze. ~ CASH {Watch}

This is insane!

One of these crazy polar vortex weather systems rolled through ten years ago and I lived through it. It was miserable. Luckily, it seems like my small town learned their lesson and made the right modifications so that if and when it happened again, they would be ready. It was crazy, the city turned off our gas in the middle of the night and we had no heat during a polar vortex. My son was first born and I had to spend several nights at my in-law’s house because they have a wood-burning stove. It was one of the worst few days of my life.

My friends in Texas are really struggling right now. I saw this post from a buddy of mine that I used to work with and I’m hoping that things being to change soon. This is insane. It’s so cold in Texas that fish aquariums inside homes are beginning to freeze over. Don’t believe me, take a look!


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