Carly Pearce’s New EP 29 is a Diary of Her Heartbreak: ‘I Wrote What I Lived’

Carly Pearce opened up to People magazine about her decision to write her heartbreak in new music.  She said she told a friend “I feel like I’m going to write a project called 29, and I’m going to write a song called ’29,’ the year I got married and divorced.’ Her friend’s response…’Wow, you have fun with that!”

Well, Carly did just that and the EP was released on Friday, February 19.

Carly also told People that fellow country artist Kelsea Ballerini helped her deal with the embarrassment over her divorce. She says that Ballerini challenged her: “Do you know how many people you’re going to help?”

So Carly poured her heart into writing six of the seven tracks on 29.

The song “Show Me Around,” was inspired by the 2019 death of her producer and mentor Busbee.

Check out the full interview with People here.