Blanco Brown Opens Up About His Near-Fatal Motorcycle Accident

In an interview with BillboardBLANCO BROWN opened up about his near-fatal motorcycle crash, when he collided head-on with a pickup truck last August.  He says the accident was NOT his fault, but he’s not allowed to elaborate.



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The scariest moment was being rushed into surgery and hearing a doctor say he wasn’t sure if he would make it.  He said, “That was a moment.  I could only lay there.  I was like ‘Please don’t let me leave.'”


He broke both of his arms, wrists, legs, and his pelvis, and spent almost a month in the hospital.


“I couldn’t turn in the bed.  External pipes were sticking out of my body holding my pelvis together.  I had to learn how to do simple things [like] feed myself.”


Visitation was tough because of COVID, but family, friends, and fellow artists did their best.  Tim McGraw sent a black cowboy hat and signed it, “Love ya, Blanco.”


He says, quote, “What’s so crazy is that day I was really down, just thinking like, ‘Am I going to heal at this rate?’  To tell you the truth, I got the hat and it made me feel great about everything.  It made me want to get up, but I couldn’t.”



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Brown’s duet with Paramalee “Just The Way” is currently climbing the charts into the Top 5 of Billboard’s Country Airplay chart.