Contractor finds hidden note and whiskey bottle from 20-years-ago while renovating home. ~ CASH {Watch}

I love stuff like this. Real quick, go grab something and hide it in your house, someplace where you’ll forget so that the next owner can discover it years down the road and it turns out to be a cool news story.

This is like the guys in northern New York who discovered the prohibition-style booze bottles in their walls while renovating. We talked to the guy and his name is Nick Drummond and you can listen to the full interview under the Cash & Carly section of the website.

Contractor Craig Harrigan made the discovery. Here’s what the note said.

“Jack and me lived here — three kids and a dog. Kitchen done up during April-May 2001. All the best. Have a drink on us.”

Awesome! For the full story, click here.

@hooserice88Carrying out essential work! Great find. Not sure I would drink it tbh. ##fyp ##drink ##whisky ##scotland ##scottish ##wrenkitchen ##VideoSnapChallenge♬ original sound – Craig Harrigann