Mike Fisher Shows Off His Hilarious Birthday Gift to Carrie Underwood {PIC}

Carrie Underwood is “38 years strong. 38 years awesome! 38 years wise. 38 years accomplished. 38 years happy! 38 years amazing!!! I am 38 years blessed.”

She shared the message with fans on Wednesday, March 10th as she celebrated her (you guessed it) 38th birthday.

Mike Fisher wished his wife a happy birthday in a sweet message saying, “Happy birthday @carrieunderwood. The boys and I love you like crazy!! We are so grateful for you!!”


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But on his Instagram story, he shared the hilarious shirt he got his wife and her reaction.


Don’t worry, Carrie got him back later sharing a photo of Mike sleeping while she watched one of her favorite movies “Mrs. Winterbourne.”



Putting this movie on our watchlist now!