Tennessee man wins a million in the lottery, loses the ticket, then finds it in a auto parts parking lot. What? ~ CASH {Pic}

This is a movie!

Here’s your script for a thrilling action-packed adventure movie. Throw in a villain and a whole bunch of roadblocks for the guy trying to retrieve his winning ticket, sounds like an award winner to me.

Did the guy lose it before he knew it was a winner? Nick Slaten decided to stop by the grocery store after a long day’s work and he bought his ticket. You know the feeling, Lord, please let me win the lottery so I never have to show up to that place again…It was something like that, I’m sure. The next morning, he checked the numbers and realized he was a new millionaire.

After realizing he had won, he drove over to tell his fiance and then went running some errands with his brother. While running errands he quickly realized he had lost his winning ticket. What?!?! How do you lose that????

He retraced his steps and found the winning ticket in the parking lot of a auto parts store. Talk about a lucky dog. Check it out!