Furry Friday: Tulio is Up For Adoption at Norfolk SPCA

Tulio is up for adoption at Norfolk SPCA


He is a very curious young cat, who’s goofy personality shines bright during playtime with wand toys and crinkle balls.


4-month-old Tulio is always dressed to impress in his black and white tuxedo coat. He is hesitant and timid around new people and prefers the company of other feline friends.

The key to winning over this cutie is patience, treats, and catnip! In his new home, we believe it’ll be just a few weeks and Tulio will be jumping for joy when he lays his eyes on you.

Visit Tulio at the Norfolk SPCA Adoption Center! We’re open from 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM every Monday and Wednesday – Sunday. Closed Tuesdays for animal enrichment and staff training. Tulio is ready for life with his forever family.