Tired Bear takes a dip in some guys hot tub and it’s the coolest thing you’ll see all day. ~ CASH {Watch}

This bear has the right idea. Shouldn’t he be sleeping?

I bet he was there looking for something delicious to eat and when he quickly found out that nothing was edible, he went straight for the hot tub to think about what his next move was going to be. Not a bad move to make if you ask me.

If you look closely, it looks like the bear has done this a time or two. He’s chilling out on his back really enjoying himself. How nice would it have been if the guy filming would have slid a tray of food out and something cool to drink while the bear was enjoying some rest in the hot tub?

Don’t forget! Bears aren’t cuddly animals. They’ll rip your arms and legs off the first chance they get so stay away! Watch from a distance, as this guy did.