Momma Bear struggles dealing with her misbehaving bear cubs. ~ CASH {Watch}

This is great! Whenever I feel run over by my kids, I can watch this and know that every living thing has to deal with kids who don’t like to pay attention or follow the rules.

For example, I’ve asked my kids a thousand times not to run in the house, do they, pretty much every day. I try not to get too upset, but the poor lady living beneath us. I’ve turned into the neighbor who can’t control his kids for the sake of his downstairs neighbor. Before I move out I’m going to buy her a nice gift card and a case of her favorite adult drink to make it up to her. It’s the least I can do for the lady.

For some weird reason, I couldn’t help but smile and chuckle watching this momma bear struggle with her kids. I especially like the cub who decides to climb the poll instead of joining his mom and sibling bear cubs.