Moving to Baltimore? Check out the creepy gothic coffin house for sale for $225K! ~ CASH {Pic}

Welcome, Home!

Yup, that’s a cemetery and a crypt in your yard. Listen, on Halloween, you’ll have the best house on the block.

I love the idea that someone spent this kind of time and energy on making their humble abode comfortable to them. Even if there is a coffin in the living room.

It may be decorated, unusual, but it’s a tidy 1,500 square foot house. I would’ve expected the “Munsters Home” or “Addams Family.” Remember, spider webs and dust everywhere with the awesome dragon living downstairs? The listing doesn’t say that there’s a giant reptile beast living in the basement. I would ask about that.

This house is a trip and it could be yours, if the price is right.

Check it out!