5-Year-Old Colorado girl wins stare-down contest with Bobcat in her backyard. ~ CASH {Watch}

What’s going on here? Thankfully, Colorado Bobcats are more chill than North Carolina Bobcats. Get it, chill? Ha!

This hasn’t been a good week for Bobcats. Luckily, this bobcat in Colorado was just passing through. Rian was playing in her backyard when the stare-down started. Her parents didn’t know what to think when she told them that a giant cat was just in their backyard. Thankfully they had one of those trusty backyard security cameras that captured the intense staredown.

Rian and her Bobcat kept eye contact for 22-seconds before it took off. When asked, Rian now believes that she’s a Bobcat whisperer and I believe her too. Check it out below!