Chris Janson Reveals Details About Tennessee House Fire ‘Could Have Been Very Bad’

Chris Janson and his family had quite the scare back in mid-April.

Janson told PEOPLE  that his wife, Kelly, woke up to the sound of the fire alarm going off in their Tennessee home one night. The fire was already raging in his basement studio and Chris said, “Thank God, God woke up my wife Kelly,”  “If it weren’t for her hearing that faint ‘beep, beep’ of the fire detector, it could have been very bad.”


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After making sure Kelly and their kids, Georgia and Jessie, were out of the home and calling 911, Chris said he tried to put the fire out with large buckets of water. “I went into survival mode. The fire melted my ottoman and literally created a campfire essentially right in the middle of my studio room. Thankfully, it didn’t burn the house.”

Kelly shared on Instagram that first responders were at the house within 10 minutes adding, “Counting our blessings this morning that is was not worse. Please Check your smoke alarms !!! I’m pretty sure mine needs some work.”



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Amazingly Chris told People that although the fire burned the ottoman in his studio, their Jesus Calling devotional book sitting on top of it wasn’t damaged. “It was one of the only things on the ottoman not completely burned up.” he said, “I’ve said it multiple times, but God has our back.”

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This past weekend Chris kicked off the Back At It tour in Mississippi and will be at The Hampton Coliseum on July 11th.