Furry Friday: Metallica is a Young Pitbull Mix Who Loves Giving Pitty Kisses!

Metallica is a beautiful girl with soft, shiny gray fur, floppy ears, and soft, brown eyes. She came in as a stray to Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center, so not much is known about her, but she is believed to be a young adult (1-5 years old).

She is very curious and likes to sniff a lot. On walks, she can be okay, but she pulls towards what she wants to see. Right now, she is still getting used to a shelter environment, so she is easily distracted by new sights, smells, and sounds. She is dog reactive, which can be worked on with a trainer.
She especially loves having her butt scratched, and will gladly stay right next to you as long as you keep doing it. She also likes to jump to give kisses. She then keeps her paws on you so she can be in the optimal position for more pets.
It doesn’t seem she knows any commands yet, so she will need some training to help her learn appropriate behaviors in a home environment. She is literally a blank slate! She seems to be at least somewhat housetrained, but accidents are likely as she transitions to a new home. Patience and consistency will help immensely!
She may do okay with cats, but will likely chase them. She also may do okay with kids, but likes to jump for attention. Kids that can handle her size may be best.

If you are interested in visiting Metallica, visit vbacac.com or call to make an appointment.