Virginia Named One of the Top Ten Rudest States in America

A study found the rudest states in America are Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Virginia.  The most polite are Mississippi, Arkansas, and North Carolina.

The study analyzed three different categories of rudeness:

  1. How often people swear on the phone at customer service

  2. How rude people are behind the wheel

  3. How much people tip at restaurants.

They also factored in a poll on how rude the rest of the country thinks each state is.

And it looks like America’s smallest state might be feeling a little inadequate.  Because RHODE ISLAND was named the rudest state in the U.S.  Followed by Massachusetts, Virginia, New York, California, Washington, New Jersey, Utah, Illinois, and Ohio.

So much for our southern charm?

The ten states that ranked the lowest in rudeness are:  Mississippi . . . Arkansas . . . North Carolina . . . Vermont . . . Kentucky . . . South Carolina . . . Minnesota . . . Louisiana . . . Maine . . . and Delaware.