Crazy Deer is caught chasing down two dogs on a ring door camera. {Watch}

Can we all agree that the ring door camera is the greatest invention of all time? So far, we’ve seen a Bobcat attack a couple in the morning, dinosaurs, or what looks like dinosaurs in the backyard, and now this, a crazed deer chasing down and rolling a couple of little dogs.

These deer are crazy! The deer that live in the Sacramento Mountains where I’m from, deer think they’re better than everyone. I’m not even kidding around. These walk around like they own the place. I don’t get it! Then, there’s this. I bet the dogs antagonized the deer a bit. If I had to guess.

This incident happened in Deland, Florida. At first, the couple thought the deer was coming up for some food. Then, things got serious. I love it when Dad comes out and takes care of the deer. What would you have done?

Check it out!