Furry Friday: Funny Girl Clancy Needs a Home

Hello everyone, my name is Clancy! I am a unique-looking Pitbull-type dog that has two different colored eyes and Merle markings. Some call me exotic, which I absolutely would agree with.

I am an adult, which means that I already have the house dog basics down like being potty trained! I am rather a diva and do not enjoy sharing my home with other pets, an adult human companion is all I need!

Enjoying the finer things in life is my specialty. I absolutely enjoy being tucked in with a nice cozy blanket. If you visit me at the shelter you’ll normally find me curled up with my blankie in my mouth, but don’t tell me friends that I’m a blanket sucker. I can’t help that it makes me soothed!

Come by the Norfolk Animal Care Center to meet with me, I’d love to find a home!