Fireworks show in a Phoenix Walmart leads to a store evacuation. {Watch}

I think I’ve told you that the best summer I ever had growing up was the summer my granddad spent running the fireworks stand. I’m not even sure how he landed the gig, they probably needed people, but he parked an old RV outside of the firework stand, and my brother, his friend, and I, all stayed there with him selling fireworks.

It was great! I even got in trouble for starting a car on fire. I get it, I shouldn’t have, but the car was in the desert rotting away. I was playing with one of those giant smoke bombs.

This incident would’ve never happened if you would have kept the fireworks where they belong, in fireworks stands! Evidently, some kids started the fire and the store was forced to evacuate everyone until it was deemed safe for reentry.

Check it out!