Can You Make It Through This List of 13 Weird-Sounding Words Without Cringing?

Call it  ‘word aversion’ or the more technical logomisia, there are certain words that just make us all cringe.

Bustle put together the top 13 weird-sounding words and explained why we hate them.  The #1 on the list is, unsurprisingly, ‘moist.’

Here are the rest. Can you make it through without cringing?

1. Moist

2. Ointment

3. Creamy

4. Squid

5. Squirt

6. Squelch

7. Phlegm

8. Smear

9. Slurp

10. Lugubrious

11. Curd

12. Pulp

13. Mucus

I made it to #5 before cringing.



Are there any other words you would add to this list?