Carly Pearce Admits She “Hated” Kelsea Ballerini The First Time They Met

Carly Pearce and Kelsea Ballerini have formed a friendship over the years, but it didn’t start off that way.

In an interview with Storme Warren for his podcast, Pearce reveals the two met at a group therapy session and that she “hated” Ballerini at first.  During the session,  Ballerini was talking about landing a record deal and Pearce admitted she was jealous.

“I hated her,” Pearce remembers. “I literally looked at her and was like, ‘This girl is like five years younger than me. She’s so happy and not jaded and like, innocent.’”

“I remember crying in that meeting and being like, ‘I have no idea what I’m doing,’” says Pearce. Because she was open and honest, what could’ve been the beginning of a rivalry instead became the beginning of a beautiful friendship. “Kelsea and I became friends in that, in that meeting, we aligned because I was honest.”

“She then goes on to bust down a lot of doors for people like me,” Pearce tells Warren. “And she took me on tour and I didn’t even have a record deal. She took me on as her opening act. And because I was honest with her in that, not knowing what I was doing, she would let me ride her bus because she wanted me to be able to sleep and not drive in the 12 passenger van…I mean like, so many moments, so many people have given back to me or taken a chance on me or just shown me love.”

Both stars have been outspoken about mental health and the benefits of therapy.