Guy chops down his tree and it lands on his house while his wife gives a great play-by-play. {Watch}

If a tree lands on a guy’s house in the woods and someone is there to witness it, does it make any sound? Yeah, I think it does.

From what I understand there are rules when it comes to chopping down trees next to buildings and homes and this guy didn’t read the rules manual before he fired up his chainsaw. Also, wouldn’t you wait until the weather is a little bit easier to work with? Since I’m a guy, I think I know how this whole thing started. He was probably bored and thought, even though it’s snowing, I can still get some work done, even though, clearly, he should have stayed inside next to the fire.

The best part about it is his wife doing the play-by-play. Almost as if, she knew something bad was going to happen if he were to attempt to chop the tree down.

Take a look!