Dad becomes finalist for catch of the year after juggling baby and beer to grab foul ball. {Watch}

Nice catch, Dad!

That kid will grow up with video evidence suggesting that their old man was the real deal!

I almost forgot last year when COVID shut everything down that there’s a secret competition going on at every major league baseball park in the country. Who can look the best while catching a foul ball? Now, I’ve told you in the past that I have terrible luck and am never in a position to grab a foul ball. I used to go to Texas Rangers games early and sit in the left-field seats and still, never grabbed a foul ball. One day my luck will change.

I think it was a month and a half ago I was telling you about this gal who caught a foul ball at a San Diego Padres game all while holding a baby. I still think that’s the best one so far this year, but this catch certainly gives that one a run for its money.

Look at this guy! We’ve got a real man here. He’s got a beer, baby, and a foul ball. All of them still intact. It does look like baby slips a bit, but not too much. Hell of a grab, dad! Someone buy that man a beer. Check it out!