Dog runs away on 4th of July, comes back home and notifies his parents by ringing the doorbell. {Watch}

It’s like I said, these dogs nowadays are on another level. Did someone teach him how to do this or did it just come naturally to this feller? What a dog!

The best I can give you is my granddad’s old dog, Duke. Duke would go out and grab the newspaper in the afternoons from the delivery guy. Yes, we had an afternoon paper in the small town that I grew up in. How weird, huh? Duke’s paper-grabbing trick was amazing. Not sure if he knew how to ring the doorbell or not.

Mary-Lynn and Ryan were woken up in the middle of the night when their 18-month old pup, Rajah, decided to come back home. Take a look at how he told his human parents he was ready to come back inside.

This is a two-part blog post about dogs running away and coming back. I saw this video just the other day. Some guy’s black lab took off and when it returned, he brought his buddies with him. Check it out!