Furry Friday: ‘Pearl Jam’ is a Loving Girl Still Waiting For Her Forever Home

I went to visit Kitty Kingdom Cat Cafe in Chesapeake for Furry Friday to meet ‘Pearl Jam.’

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This beautiful girl came right up to me and started purring, looking for some love and attention.

Although she loves people, she prefers to be the only cat in her kingdom.

As a black cat with FIV, ‘Pearl Jam’ has had a harder time finding a forever home but this girl is beyond sweet AND…her adoption fee has been waived by a generous donor!

So you might be wondering…What is FIV?

FIV stands for “Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.” FIV-positive housecats rarely show any symptoms of the disease and usually live long, happy lives. When complications do arise, it’s generally in cats who have been fending for themselves outdoors over a long period of time and are not in good overall health. FIV is transmitted from one cat to another by deep puncture wounds. It is NOT spread by casual contact. (In other words, kitties can’t catch FIV from grooming each other, sharing food bowls, sharing a litterbox, etc.) Studies have shown that friendly, altered FIV-positive cats are highly unlikely to spread the virus to other kitties in the home. You can take the following steps to help your kitty stay healthy and happy:

  • Keep FIV+ kitties indoors so that they can’t get into fights with other neighborhood kitties.

  • Feed your FIV+ kitty a healthy diet of high-quality food.

  • Keep your FIV+ kitty up to date on vaccinations and veterinary check-ups.

  • Thanks to Kitty Kingdom Cat Cafe and Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc for sponsoring Furry Friday!

Interested in adopting Pearl Jam?  Visit Kitty Kingdom Cat Cafe in Chesapeake and fill out an application!