Dad buys daughter “Dad-approved bathing suit” and I don’t see a problem with it at all. {Watch}

You know it’s funny, I didn’t see any of these “dad-approved bathing suits” at Fort Monroe, VA Saturday night. I guess they haven’t made it to the east coast yet, but they’re coming alright, they’re coming.

I forget where I was eating, somewhere down by the oceanfront. Inside the restaurant, they had a bunch of old photos of folks going to the beach. Some of these photos dated back to the early 1900s. The bathing suits some of the folks used to wear are crazy. Then again, I doubt there was a swimsuit store off of Pacific Avenue. You had to work with whatever you had.

I guess at some point, more swimming suits became available and a dad just nailed buying his daughter a “dad-approved bathing suit” for the hot summer months. I think it looks great. You can go swimming without having to worry about getting sunburn anywhere on your body.