Pistol Annies Singer Ashley Monroe Reveals Rare Cancer Diagnosis: I “Believe in the Power of Prayer”

Ashley Monroe revealed that she’s been diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer.   

The Pistol Annies singer shared that she has what is called “waldenstrom macroglobulinemia” and it’s ”very treatable.’  

In the post, which included photos of herself with friends like Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley along with her husband, former Major League pitcher John Danks, and their three-year-old son Dalton, she shared that she is beginning chemotherapy to treat the disease.

As for the symptoms, she said, quote, “It’s causing my body to be severely anemic, and I feel it.  [But] I’m thankful I have an illness that is very ‘live with-able.’  I’m thankful there IS a treatment that works to fight what is causing harm to my body.”

She’ll take all the prayers you can give, but NOT advice.  Quote, “I would greatly appreciate if no one gave me any unsolicited advice or medical opinions.  I’ve done my research and have amazing doctors.  I’ve weighed every option.

“I DO believe in the power of prayer.  I also believe in the power of love healing us all on an even deeper level.  I love you all big.  Here I go.”  


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Editorial credit: Joe Seer