Texas Kid Blasts Golf Ball off Tee only for it to be struck by Lightning! {Watch}


As soon as I read this story my mind went right to “Back to the Future.” Why, you ask? Remember when Marty shows up at Doctor Emmit Brown’s house after being blasted into 1955? Doc tells Marty that the only force powerful enough to generate 1.21 Gigawatts of electricity is a bolt of lightning. A what? A bolt of lightning.

Tomas Gomez and his friends were visiting a Top Golf in San Antonio when the whole thing went down. And of course, this was the last shot of the evening because it started to rain.

The golf ball, traveling 88 miles per hour, hold on. 88 miles per hour? Back up to my “Back to the Future” reference. How fast does the Delorian need to hit in order to time travel. 88 miles per hour!!! I don’t make this stuff up. Anywho, the sound was crazy.

Good thing everyone walked away unharmed.