Luke Bryan Shares Touching Story of Grieving Young Fan

Have you had the chance to watch Luke Bryan’s Dirt Road Diaries yet?  The documentary about the singer’s life shows Luke as we’ve never seen him. 

In the special, Luke talks about the death of both his brother, Chris, and his sister, Kelly, as well as his brother-in-law, Ben. He says that he is grateful he can use his experience to help others, including one fan in particular.

“I believe we were in North Carolina,” Luke shares. “It was a typical meet and greet. This little blond-headed boy walks up to me and says, ‘Can I ask you a question?’ I said, ‘Well, yeah, buddy,’ and I got down on one knee.”

“He looked at me and goes, ‘I wanna know how you get through every day having lost your brother and your sister, because I lost my sister, and I can’t get over it. My heart’s broke,” Bryan says. “It was a big moment for me, because I understood the way I live, with a smile on my face, is important to people.”

The five-part docuseries is available to stream now on IMDb TV.