Bella Has Been Waiting For a Home For 7 Months! Can You Help?

by Stephanie Taylor:

I went out to Chesapeake Animal Services for #FurryFriday to meet Bella, who is their longest resident.


She has been here since February and keeps getting overlooked and we aren’t sure why.

She is a sweet girl who loves to go on long walks at the beach or hang with you at your feet at Sunday brunch. She is just so chill.

She would be best in a home with older kids and she likes to hang with the boys so she’s be best in a home with male dogs only.

She had a tumor on her hip that was removed and she has a small scar from it, but other than that, you wouldn’t even notice.

Bella’s Guardian Angel has paid her adoption fee so she is free to a good home!

All adoptions are reduced at CAS through September 19th with #ClearTheShelters so if you’re looking for a cat or other small animal you can visit them this weekend.