Thomas Rhett’s Wife is Not Impressed with His Baby Name Suggestions {WATCH}

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are expecting baby #4.  Thomas recently threw out some baby name ideas, like names of flowers or even the name ‘Christmas,’ which Lauren quickly shot down.

@thomasrhettTrying to decide on a name for our 4th baby girl..clearly we could use some help. Not sure why Christmas wasn’t a slam dunk ##babynames ##babiesoftiktok

♬ original sound – Thomas Rhett

In a follow up video, he suggested names of the month like June or March.  To which Lauren hilariously said they don’t have any significant events in those months, forgetting Thomas’ birthday.

Hey, blame it on pregnancy brain fog.

@thomasrhettPart 2 of me interrogating Lauren about ##babynames… apparently she forgot my birthday is in March.

♬ original sound – Thomas Rhett

In his latest video, Thomas took another approach and suggested they name the baby after a state like Cali, Georgia or Bama. Watch Lauren’s reaction:

@thomasrhettYup, still trying to figure out a name for this baby…apparently Bama is a hard no, but Georgia isn’t. ##GoDawgs ##babynames

♬ original sound – Thomas Rhett