Kids Struggling to “Ding-Dong-Ditch” These Days. {Watch}

Life before cell phone. The good ol’ days!

We had to really creative back in the early 90s and if you had some buddies spending the night on the weekend, it wasn’t uncommon to wannna go knock on some doors and take off running. Of course, this was way before doorbell cameras. Which again is the greatest invention ever built. We’ve seen some glorious videos from ring doorbell. Including this one here of kids debating on whether or not they should ring the doorbell and take off. Check it out!

My friends and I got caught doing this when I was young. The guy who ran us down and caught us insisted on walking us to our parents. After about 2 miles of walking around the neighborhood, he finally went back home. I’m telling you what though, this guy could run fast for being an old dude.