Carly Pearce is Ticked Off and Ready to Put Someone on Blast {LISTEN}

Carly Pearce recently received a special honor. September 2, 2021, was declared Carly Pearce Day in her hometown of Taylor Mill, Kentucky, and the city even honored her by posting signs on either side of town for people to see as they entered the town that said, “Welcome to Taylor Mill – Hometown of Country Music Star Carly Pearce.” 

Photo Credit: Alexa Campbell

Unfortunately, in less than a week after the two signs were put up, they were both stolen. 

Carly knew the first sign had been stolen, but when she heard the second sign had disappeared as well, she didn’t mince words about how she felt.  “It makes me want to say the F word,” she laughed.  “Wow! I didn’t know that the other one was stolen as well.”

Carly says, “It honestly pisses me off, if I’m completely honest with everyone. If this is a super fan and I hope that they hear this…”


Carly hopes the person or people who stole the signs will return them to the town, but if they don’t, Carly reveals what she will do…