“The Addams Family 2” Delivered for My 4-year-old, 10-year-old, and Me! {Watch}

You know me, I kick it old school. When it comes to movies, I kick it real old school. When it comes time to take my children to the movies, I’ll be honest, I struggle a little with some of the pictures my son usually picks out. He’s delivered on the last couple of movies that we’ve attended. It’s not that I don’t like the new animation and kids movies, Pixar is crazy, but it’s not the same. However, the new “Addams Family 2” movie delivered and kept us entertained for the short hour and twenty minutes that it was on the big screen.

It really took me some convincing to get my 3-year-old excited about going to the movies. It must’ve been the m&m’s that I offered to buy her that conviced her to go. I’m glad she did, because I think this was probably the most enjoyable movie experience she’s had, so far. All thanks to my 10-year-old son, who likes to hang out and watch all the upcoming movie trailers, then talk to me about them. It’s how I know about all the movies coming out. We had a 3:10pm appointment to watch “Addams Family 2” on Tuesday and we got there in the nick of time to check it out!

A sequel to the original animation film that came out a couple years ago, we pick up the Addams at a local science fair where Wednesday Addams has successfully taken animal dna and inserted it into humans. Clearly, she’s the most talented amateur scientist at the fair. Her scientific talents grab the attention of some famous scientist guy who then comes up with some crazy idea that Wednesday Addams isn’t an Addams, and in fact, has different parents completely. The movie follows “The Addams” on a nation wide trip that takes them to Niagra Falls, San Antonio, Texas, and of course, Death Valley. Wednesay Addams, a teenage gal, is trying to find herself and in the midst of it all, encounters some crazy nerd trying to steal her scientific breakthroughs. The film also follows Pugsley who catches some questionable advice on how to pick up women from his Uncle Fester. Morticia and Gomez can’t keep their hands off each other, like most Addams Family movies, Thing, the pet hand, is the greatest pet/assistant you could ever have. What would you consider Thing? And what can you say about Lurch? He has an incredible breakout scene where he performs a lively number on the piano. Cousin Itt is a baller who does whatever he wants. Cousin Itt joins the Addams in their journey throughout the film. And of course, through his broken weird language that he speaks throughout the film, he’s able to connect and help all the Addams through all their struggles. Let’s not forget the awesome cryptic camper trailer that they have. Where can I pick up one of those bad boys? It’s awesome!

Some familiar voices throughout the movie and an awesome performance by Snoop Dogg at the end of the movie. I find it interesting that Snoop Dogg, the biggest OG from my childhood, pops up in random childrens movies. I love it! Cousin Itt and Snoop collaborate and perform at the end. Hence me calling Cousin Itt a baller earlier in the review. Wednesday Addams experiences the life questions that so many of us go through as teenagers, who am I and do I really belong here? I used to ask myself the same questions. Although, I thought I was some form of alien from another planet with my parents. Or maybe it was the other way around? Watching Uncle Fester coach Pugsley on what he needs to do to land women is admirable. The kids gotta learn from someone, aren’t you suppsed to get bad advice from your uncle? I can’t even begin to tell you some of the things that I did with my uncle while we were camping in the mountains. I liked the new feature they used with “Thing” the pet hand/assistant. He’s rocking a pretty sweet wrist watch. It works well with his limited abilities. 

This movie had a little bit of everything. Although it’s meant to shield you from the crazy reality of real life, the movie has life lessons about acceptance and being different. And it doesn’t get much different than “The Addams.” I couldn’t help think about how bad they must smell though, right? It’s one thing to have cool cob webs and coffins in your house, but the stench has to be terrible. From Lurch performing his number on the piano to Snoop Dogg and Cousing Itt performing at the end, the soundtrack was legit for a cartoon movie. I really enjoyed this movie and by the looks of it, so did my kids!

I love “The Addams Family.” My wife, who’s done some killer musical theater in her life, was cast in the musical rendition of “The Addams Family” back when we were living in Texas. The show is amazing and if you’re ever in an area that’s hosting the musical, go watch it! Grab the kids, buy some popcorn and go watch “The Addams Family 2.”