Luke Bryan’s Son Gets Stuck in Hilarious Situation While Mom Films {WATCH}

Luke Bryan’s family loves to have fun at each other’s expense.  We look forward to their 12 Days of Prankmas every year.

Well, this wasn’t a prank but it sure was funny.  Luke’s son Tate got stuck in a toddler swing at a playground and his mom filmed the rescue.

“I wanted to bring back memories,” Tate says in the video as his brother Bo and a friend try to free him. “Just let me enjoy this,” Caroline says from behind the camera.

“My kid got stuck in a toddler swing…WTH was he thinking???” Caroline shared in the social media post. “I’m still laughing at him though!”

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Thankfully the Bryan’s were able to free Tate.  In 2020, firefighters had to rescue a 14-year-old who got stuck in  a toddler swing while trying to film a video for TikTok.