A TikTok Video Making Fun at Country Music Inspired Newcomer George Birge’s Debut Single

Singer/Songwriter George Birge reluctantly made a TikTok account for himself and it changed his life.

While scrolling one night he came across a video poking fun at the sometimes typical lyrics of country music.

“She was singing about how country music is nothing but ‘beer beer, truck truck, girls and tight jeans,’ and she makes a very good point,” George told PEOPLE. “For whatever reason, I decided that I was going to see what I could do to show her that even with the most ridiculous lyrics, a real country songwriter can turn it into something cool.”

He got out his guitar and wrote what eventually would become his current single “Beer Beer, Truck Truck.”

He posted himself singing the song – and it quickly went viral.

@georgebirgeofficialHey @rynnstar if you see this will you send me a message, I need to give you songwriting credit! #FYP #country #countrymusic #originalsong

♬ original sound – George Birge

Cut to a few months later, George now has a record deal and the song is climbing the charts!

And by the way, he gave the TikTok influencer song writer credit!

“The second I wrote it, it was really never in question,” he told People. “Even though she was poking fun at country music, the foundation of the chorus is straight from her mouth. And I felt like she deserves some songwriting credit for that. When it all comes down to it, I hope it’s a huge hit and I hope it changes her life too.”

@georgebirgeofficialIf y’all blow this up I may have to finish it and release it, should we write the whole thing @rynnstar 🔥 #countrymusic #country #originalsong

♬ original sound – George Birge

Check out “Beer, Beer, Truck, Truck” and see George live at “Nashville at the Nest” Nov. 16th at 7pm. Free and open to the public!