Gator Steals Guy’s Golf Ball and There’s Nothing He Can Do About It. {Watch}

Whatdya doin? Go and Happy Gilmore that gator and get you ball back! Clearly, the golfer hasn’t heard the story of Chubbs, the greatest golf coach ever who’s hand was taken by a giant gator while playing golf. Actually, none of that is true. That’s the premise in Adam Sandler’s “Happy Gilmore” movie. Chubbs, played by Carl Weathers, aka Apollo Creed, has an encounter with a gator on a golf course. This isn’t anything close to that story. It’s still pretty cool though.

Where I come from we only have to worry about an occasional rattlesnake or two, not gators. Check this guy out! Keith Williams was playing golf in Windance Golf Course in Gulfport, MS when mr. gator strolled up, grabbed the ball, and walked back into the pond.