Is This New Winter Hat Green, Brown, or Red? {WATCH}

Remember “the dress” that looked gold-and-white to some people, and blue-and-black to others?  This is kind of like that, but with three colors.  And no one’s arguing.  Everyone sees all three . . .

An interior designer named Otelia Carmen posted a series of TikTok videos after she bought a winter hat that she THOUGHT was green.  But when she got home, it looked RED under her living room lights.  But that wasn’t the actual color either.

She posted a video showing how it looks red under the lights in her living room.  But when she walks to her bedroom, it switches to green!

@oteliacarmen Why lighting should be just as important as color/material selections!! #interiordesign #learnontiktok #designertips #colortheory #shopwithme ♬ Do It To It – ACRAZE

In a second video, she walks outside, and the hat suddenly looks brown in the sun.  Which is the actual color.

@oteliacarmen Reply to @shaunmacl The magic hat in natural daylight, not what I expected 😅 #colortheory #metamerism #dayinmylife #shopwithme #STEMtok ♬ Stuck in the Middle – Tai Verdes

Some people thought the video was doctored.  But there’s a term for what’s happening.  It’s called “metamerism.”

According, metamerism is “the identical visual appearance of two colors that have different physical or spectral compositions the condition of being metameric in color.”

@oteliacarmen Reply to @mama_foxx87 Explaing the color changing hat, but I still have questions 😅 #learnontiktok #colortheory #metamerism #stemtok #interiordesign ♬ original sound – Art + Design

(The Sun)