Brett Eldredge Opens Up About Mental Health in a New Poem

Brett Eldredge has been very open about his struggles with depression and anxiety. 

On Tuesday, he shared a video of himself walking in a wooded area while audio of a poem he wrote played in the background.  The poem is about how the “tough days make the good days really count.

Brett said, “I wrote this poem when I was having a tough day mentally…we all have those days, I’ve certainly had my share…I used to fight it, still do at times, ya get frustrated, ya feel guilt or shame for feeling anxious or down…This life stuff can be really hard, but those tough days make the good days really count…sometimes its best to just let go and feel it all…I’m grateful for this ride, every part of it…hang in there:)”

The more that I feel

I woke up feeling less than myself
tried writing down all the words but it didn’t help
I walked along the bridge through the park at the commons
Still hurt held its grip much more than I wanted
I tried to escape every way that I could
Then I realized that feeling this way could be good
For how could I know the feeling of bliss
If life was all smiles and love without risk
So Today I’ll soak in all of this pain
The more that I feel
the more that I gain


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