Brett Eldredge Postpones “Favorite Show” After Testing Positive for COVID-19

Brett Eldredge has tested positive for COVID-19 and has cancelled his Glow Christmas shows this weekend in Chicago.

He announced it in a video saying, “Today has been a really rough day.”  He told fans that he has been battling what feels like a cold and got tested for COVID-19 and the test was negative.  However, he tested again and the results were different. “Unfortunately, it turns out I have COVID, which really sucks,” Eldredge said. “I’ve been so excited about playing this show, and I know a lot of you have been so excited to go to it.”

Eldredge was scheduled to play his “favorite show of the entire year, the Glow Show in Chicago.” However, the good news is, he has rescheduled the shows for December 29th and 30th, which he hopes that will give him enough time to “heal up.”

Feel better soon Brett!