Was Your “Bad Valentine’s Date” Worse Than Luke Bryan’s?

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline were asked to share their Best Date and Worse Date stories as part of their partnership with Jockey.

The couple cited their 10th anniversary as their best date. It was at Tennessee’s very fancy Blackberry Farm, and Luke arranged the details ahead of time.  He had them prepare a dinner featuring all of Caroline’s favorite foods, plus small samples of her favorite snacks.

To top it off, he had them whip up a special homemade ice cream cake.

For their Worst Date, Luke says they failed to make a dinner reservation ahead of time, so there they were, driving around and around trying to find a place to eat.

They ended up at a “not-so-fancy Italian restaurant” where they sat in the kitchen “eating with teenagers.”  It was so bad that to this day . . . they will NOT go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.

Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins

(Country Now)