Luke Combs on Being Told He Doesn’t ‘Look the Part’ of a Country Singer: “If Anybody Looks the Part, It’s Me”

written by Stephanie Taylor

I’m not a huge sports fan, so I’m just now hearing this interview Luke Combs did with ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt on SVPod, a while back.

Luke joined the show to discuss going from bouncer to singer, friendly wagers and sports, of course.

During the interview, he talked about moving to Nashville and being rejected by record execs and industry folks because he didn’t “look the part.”  He said he was told that he was destined to be a songwriter to other artists instead.

Luke responded, “We’re talking about country music here. If anybody looks the part, it’s me. The OTHER guys don’t look the part, that’s the problem. I’m not the guy that’s the problem here.”

“Throw these other guys at the Jiffy Lube, they’re gonna look outta place. You put me at the Jiffy Lube and you’re gonna think I manage the son of a bitch,” he joked.

Luke also talked about being competitive about awards shows, being rejected on The Voice and losing Best New Artist at The Grammys.

Since it’s a sports podcast, he also talked about football and said that being a Carolina Panthers fan is “endless depression.”

“It’s not that hard to be a Bears fan. Because you’re used to winning and you’re not that good this year?” he said. “Get the f— over it. You want to talk about endless depression, call up the Detroit Lions or the Carolina Panthers.”

Take a listen here: