Thomas Rhett Talks About ‘Chaos’ Raising 4 Daughters: “What Is Life Right Now?”

Thomas Rhett sat down with “Good Morning America” recently where he talked about his new album and how he and wife Lauren Akins are adjusting to their fourth child.

“It is the most unorganized form of chaos that you could ever imagine, but Lauren and I just embrace chaos,” he joked.

Thomas told the outlet that the older girls are adjusting well to their baby sister’s arrival. “Ever since Lillie kind of came into the world she’s been such, just an incredible baby,” he said. “She’s already sleeping 7 to 7 and getting to watch the older three become just such an awesome big sister to her has been really, really fun to watch.”

“But it’s chaos, like, I’m not gonna lie — every day there’s something new that I’m like, ‘What is life right now?'” he said. “But I also wouldn’t trade this chaos for the world because I love them more than life.”

Thomas gave a glimpse of what it’s like in his household on Instagram recently sharing an adorable video of the girls chasing him around their kitchen.

Thomas credited his wife Lauren for being a superhero when it comes to juggling the chaos.

“I don’t know how she does it. I really don’t,” he told GMA. “I wake up every day and I look at her and I’m just like, I’m beyond proud of you, especially when I’m working, you know, just to hold the fort down and have such grace and such patience while she’s at it, too.”

As for new music, his upcoming sixth studio album, “Where We Started,” includes a song about his relationship with Lauren, who he met in high school.

“It’s kind of is a true testament of me being 18 years old, knowing that I was going to marry this woman and kind of just imagining our future together, just like a lot of kids, handprints in the driveway, chaotic minivan life, taking one to soccer practice, taking one to, you know, gymnastics, whatever it is …” he told GMA.

“Where We Started,” hits stores April 1.