The Three Items Carrie Underwood Takes on the Road to Stay Fit

Carrie Underwood sticks to her workout plan anywhere she goes. The “Find Your Path” author told Shape magazine that she stays fit on the road by packing three items: an ab wheel, bands and jump ropes.

“I like traveling with a few things that are easy to pack,” she said. “So, you can get an ab wheel you can put in your bag, and it doesn’t weigh a lot or take up a lot of space. It can be painful, but you don’t have to do many of them to feel it the next day. I like keeping it simple. I’ll also use [resistance] bands and jump ropes that you can pack and take anywhere with you and easily come up with a workout.”

These days Carrie also utilizes her “Fit 52” app for daily workouts.

She told the publication that she includes her kids whenever possible. “Isaiah loves to work out. When I go running, if he comes with me, he only stays out there like five minutes anyway, and then he’s like, ‘I’m done with this!’ Sometimes I’ll say, like, ‘Alright buddy, do some push-ups for me!’ He thinks it’s fun.”

Carrie shared this adorable photo working out with her son Jacob a few years ago.

Carrie returns to Las Vegas on March 23 for the second run of her critically-acclaimed REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency at the Resorts World Theatre, having opened the new 5,000-capacity, world-class theatre – the largest and tallest stage in Las Vegas, with six sold-out shows in December.