Funny April Fools’ Day Pranks The Kids Will Love [VIDEOS]

April Fools’ Day is coming up, which means pranking your kids is fair game.

After all you’ll do anything for your kids the other 364 days a year so today is your day to have a little fun at their expense (safely that is)

1. April Fools’ Milk And Cookies- it’s actually mashed potatoes!

2. The Leaky Faucet Prank- Place some clear tape over the faucet and watch their surprised faces as they get sprayed.

3. Frozen Breakfast

4. Magic Cereal. Convince your kids that you’re a magician with the simple yet impressive magic trick of an empty cereal box suddenly pouring out cereal. They’ll never question you again.

5. Spilled Milk Prank. There’s no use crying over spilled milk…unless it’s on your iPad. Luckily in this case, it’s fake.

6. Balloon Cake. Create a balloon cake by blowing up a balloon and decorating it like a cake. All you need is a tub of cool whip and some paper towels to wipe up the mess afterward.