Chesapeake Native Dan Marshall Faces Off in “Country Boy Sing-Off” on American Idol {WATCH}

Chesapeake’s own Dan Marshall faced off on American Idol last night in a ‘country-boy sing-off’ to find out who would advance to the final 24.

Dan went up against 17-year-old contestant, Dakota Hayden, for the final spot, and the judges chose the Chesapeake native to move on.

Following the results, Dan shared a message on social media saying, “Wow!!! What an amazing feeling!!! I am blessed beyond measure to be in the top 24 and I am blown away by all of the love and support❤️ And hats off to @dakotahaydenmusic for a wonderful performance. You are seriously the cream of the crop brother and it could have gone either way.”

Looking forward to seeing more of Dan on American Idol! Check out his interview with The Eagle Morning Show where he told us all about getting the call to audition…and how he almost didn’t answer!