Carrie Underwood Says “Jealousy and Envy” Inspired Her Acrobatic CMT Awards Performance

Carrie Underwood delivered a show-stopping performance at the 2021 CMT Awards and the country singer says jealousy and envy inspired it.

During the performance, Carrie sang suspended in the air on silk ropes just like the performers at her Reflection: The Las Vegas Residency.

“I would see our aerialists perform every night in our show, so it came from a place of envy — jealousy and envy,” she told Billboard. “They get to fly and it’s so beautiful, graceful, and athletic.”

“I was like, ‘I would like to try that sometime, just for my own self.’ Then I had the idea of wanting to do that for ‘Ghost Story’ and I got together with our choreographer Brenda and I could tell she was assessing me and seeing if I was strong enough to do that,” she continued.

“I went home and worked on my own and I feel like I had to do a little bit of convincing everyone around me like, ‘I’m not going to fall. I feel really confident, I’ve got this, trust me.’ Then everyone got excited about it. I worked a few more times with Brenda and felt very comfortable with it,” she concluded.

Watch the performance below.