Lauren Alaina Speaks Out After Being Disqualified from Reality Show “Beyond The Edge”

Lauren Alaina was forced to exit the CBS Reality Show “Beyond The Edge” early due to health and safety precautions.

Alaina explained to ET, “I got disqualified because I fell and hurt my foot. I begged them to let me stay. But actually, looking back, my foot was not well for a very long time. So it was the right call.”

The country singer joked that the other contestants “should be glad” that she had to leave early, “Because I was gonna win. I was undefeated when I got hurt. I was crushing it.”

Joining her on the show were Jodie Sweetin, Colton Underwood, Eboni K. Williams, Craig Morgan, Super Bowl champion Ray Lewis, NBA champion Metta World Peace, supermodel Paulina Porizkova and NFL legend Mike Singletary.