Tim McGraw Reflects on Turning 55: “I Still Feel Like I’ve Got a Lot More to Offer”

Tim McGraw has a milestone birthday coming up.  The country singer turns 55 on May 1st but don’t expect him to have a big celebration.

“I’m not a big birthday celebrator,” he tells his record label. “In fact, our whole family, we’re not big birthday celebrators. I mean, we have parties and stuff like that every now and then for big ones, but we’re not big birthday celebrators, and I don’t have anything planned.” 

Tim says he doesn’t plan to spend a whole lot of time reflecting on where he’s at in life or what he’s achieved up to this point either.

“You know, oddly enough, I’m not one of these people that look back very often,” admits Tim. “I’m always looking forward tryin’ to figure out how to improve myself and get better.”

“Even turning 55, I still feel like I’ve got a lot more to offer, still feel like I’ve got a lot more to learn about music and acting and fatherhood and bein’ a husband and bein’ a good person. And I think it’s more about looking forward. You know, one of these days, hopefully, I’ll sit in my chair and kick back and look back at my life,” he shares.

For now, the only lives Tim is interested in reflecting on and celebrating are his three daughters’.  “I have a 25-year-old, a 23-year-old and a 20-year-old,” says Tim. “I’m enjoying sittin’ back and watchin’ their lives progress.”

Tim did reveal one small thing he would like to do on his birthday.  Listen below.