Carly Pearce Talks About Spying on Your Significant Other: “Just So Sad”

There’s a line in Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde’s song, “Never Wanted to be That Girl,” about the guy who’s cheating on both of them that says, “And he jumps in the shower just as soon as he gets home, And I spend half an hour goin’ through his phone.”  Sadly, Carly knows that line will resonate with a lot of women, and she jokes, “That’s what’s so sad about that. It’s actually my verse… shocking.”

But really, Carly points out that just being in a place where you feel the need to go through your partner’s phone is already a bad sign. “If your mind is even in that moment where you feel like you need to do that, you know in your heart something is wrong. And that’s just so sad.”

And she doesn’t say that to be judgmental.  Carly has been in that place in her own life, and she hopes maybe her truth will help someone else realize that if you’re snooping and trying to catch your partner lying or cheating, that speaks volumes about the state of your relationship.